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Lighthouses of Brittany

Lighthouses of Brittany

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“Water and lighthouses” is the full HD 1920×1080 version of my film , filmed in Brittany, in north-west France, at dusk, with the Canon eos 5D Mark II and 7D, the different parts are:

  • The luxurious  Eckmühl lighthouse at the Penmarch point
  • The Saint Mathieu lighthouse near the abbey
  • The Ouessant island with the Créac’h lighthouse, the most powerful in the world, it looks like a spaceship landed on a desert rocky planet. On the other side of the island, the Stiff tower showing  his vivid red lens, like a giant jewel in the night
  • The Groix island and the  Pen Men lighthouse, at the end of the land, waving is silhouette on a wild moor landscape , stopped by huge cliffs dying in the wild infinite ocean.
  • The Raz point, with the “La Vieille” lighthouse on his rock , on the background the Sein island  and his tall lighthouse,  and very far away the old Ar-Men lighthouse, the most dangerous of alls, damaged, but still standing on his rock, despite he has been abandoned a long time ago.
  • The last sequence is the “Vierge” island and the tallest stone lighthouse in Europe, beside it you can see his little ancestor , who take care of him on this samll desert island


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  1. Beautiful job …. as per usual, my friend !

  2. yes, beautiful indeed…. nice work….

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Lighthouses of Brittany

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