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A day in Uttaradit, going by Ayutthaya

A day in Uttaradit, going by Ayutthaya

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From Kanchanaburi, we leave very early in the morning to get to Ayutthaya before the end of the day, therefore Celine and Julie can discover the antic Khmer city, and we will have a beer with my friend Anne, the artist i met in 2012.
Please read my post : Ayutthaya, for more explanations and photos about this town.

Uttaradit, at Pim’s place

Next morning, we get on the train to Uttaradit, the city where lives Pim , my friend is a nurse.  Laetitia and Anita, two friends from France and Belgium will join us in the evening.

Pim takes us to a small rural restaurant, excellent ! We eat the local specialty : rice paste pancakes stuffed with meat and vegetables, so good !!!!!!!!

In Uttaradit, they cultivate the best Durians  of the country. This enormous fruit (very  appreciated by Asian people) has various tastes,  a tender and creamy flesh. Several varieties of these fruits are grown here, they are more expensive than in other parts of the country. We visit the sorting out warehouse of a local producer.

Ahh … the rain is back, and  the streets of Uttaradit shine under the street lights.

Big “piece of luck” for us … it’s the time of the year for the delivery of university graduates, and all the hotels are booked up. Pim offers to host us in her  beautiful traditional Thai  wooden house, on pilotis.  After we  went to fetch Laetitia and Anita from the bus station, it was time to put up mosquito nets and mattresses, and there we are , in a wooden palace, in the middle of a deep greenery, while the rain redoubled intensity. Many, many thanks to Pim for this impromptu welcoming, kind of magic for the European.

Early morning, a little stroll  around the house reveals all the wealth of the rainy season with the fluorescent green of the luxuriant flora, various insects, a snake, and for the first time i see the flower of a dragon fruit, often seen on the street markets ‘s stalls, in all Asia.
Meanwhile some Buddhist monks  are on the road asking for the daily morning alms.

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A day in Uttaradit, going by Ayutthaya

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