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Two days at Ped’s home

Two days at Ped’s home

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March 24th, now I am at Ped’s home, a 43 year old woman who likes to receive occasional travelers in Ang Thong, near Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand, time of the powerful Khmer empire. Her house is a quiet oasis, with a large terrace, two hammocks, and a view on a wild garden where papayas, pineapples and mangoes are growing, also vegetables and many kind of vines are climbing all around the house. From the terrace, I have a direct view on the treetops where hundreds of birds symphonies sounds all the day, in time with the Tokay Gecko strange noise, some squirrels are crawling on trees branches, a real tiny jungle isolated among rice fields and rare trees. Last night was the annual festival celebrating an historical victory of the city, I saw a  light and sound spectacle,  a little bit similar as the French theater company “Royal deluxe”, but more kitsch and actors weren’t so awesome, the show was about Ayutthaya history. Today Ped drives me around to visit the highest sitting Buddha in Thailand, 96m high at Wat Muang temple!! Not so far, the longest reclining Buddha from the Khmer period is still there, a white painted stone construction.

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Two days at Ped’s home

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