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The main lines trains of Thailand

The main lines trains of Thailand

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The trains of Thailand are the cheapest way to travel throughout the whole country, for very little money, but of course one must have the time to live like Thai people, with no stress !!!
We took two main lines trains from  Ayutthaya to Uttaradit, it was “first class”, the second one was an economy class from Uttaradit to Chiang Mai.
These trains do not run fast, an average speed of 50km/h, sometimes more, if the weather permits. The first train has not really been delayed, however, the second trip lasted very long, i can’t remember the exact time, but the train stopped for two hours in a down and out station, a small village,  in the deep countryside.
Passengers love to curl up on the seats, listening to music and eating for almost the entire journey, little meals and fruits are purchased from hawkers who go up and down the train during the  whole journey.
A group, in our car/carriage, opened a durian, which is not normally allowed, given the powerful and nasty smell of this fruit, but here, almost everything is permitted, and nobody seems to care much about anything ….

Here is a short video, filmed at the Gopro hero 3 black, in the two trains, the difference between first class and economy  is pretty strong ! He … He !!!!

As you noticed in the video, after a few hours, the cars/carriages  look a bit like an airport terminal, at night, everyone is sprawled in his favorite position, sometimes feet in the air, and any orientation is adopted to have an inevitable nap, while the machine keeps stopping, increasing an average speed of … up to 30km/h, being optimistic !

We arrived in Chiang Mai late afternoon, after making a change of  locomotive ….. essential !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The main lines trains of Thailand

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