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The Bung Boraphet Lake

The Bung Boraphet Lake

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The lake of Boraphet near Nakhon Sawan is the biggest boggy reservoir of Thailand, more than 180 species of birds live here.Some are unique like the Asian Pseudolangrayen ( a variety of swallows) or the Pelicanus philippensis (spot-billed pelican).With Muay we got here around 15H and we agree to hire a boat to catch a glimpse of the lake when the sun goes down,12 euros for a trip of almost 3 hours, let’s go !!!We won’t wait long to see the shades of red and gold, beautiful light. Aquatic plants take  loving care of some couples of bee-eaters,a black and white kingfisher is mocking us from it’s far back branch.
The sun has disappeared and an outrageous noise of melted birds songs gets stronger in the small reed islets. Our guide stops the boat’s engine and a strange feeling of beeing at the far end of the world engulf the whole place.

Next morning, ready to go at 6 , to get to a far away place. The sun slips quickly on the skyline and the light quickly shows large bunches of pink water lilies, fluorescent, on which bright coloured ducks and cranes , herons and other wading bird, take the run in a mad race, not to mention that they disappear, of course, as soon as we approach !
Further down, the sea of water lilies is taken over by fields of lotus flowers. The pelican comes near us (rather small on my photo) and the bluish swallows fly around our boat. It’s already 10 o’clock, the pink flowers close, the sun is burning hot, the lake shines like rhinestones, it’s time to go, right ?

Thanks to Martine for the translation

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The Bung Boraphet Lake

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