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Tham Lod Cave

Tham Lod Cave

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These caves are before the village of Karen de Bam Muang Pam. We visit them on bamboo rafts. We have a guide who carries a torch, the river goes through the whole place.

Geological structures are various and a vault hostes prehistorical paintings of hunters, the Hoabinhian, 9000 years B.C. They have deteriorated (faded) and are more like a “guess”. Can you see the mammal, on one of the photos ?

Another cave chamber shelters sarcophagus of a period between 2100 and 1200 years, before Bouddhism, we also find these “chests” in more than 200 caves, north of Thailand. We see pieces of pottery but we hardly know anything about this civilisation.

More than 30 000 bats squeal and shit all day long, waiting for night time to go hunting in the jungle, just outside the cave.

After this visit, on the way back, we must stop and look at some children playing near the stream, just like little “Mowgli”, straight off the “Jungle Book” !!

Dusk now, we are hungry and we think it’s time for a curry !

Thanks to Martine for the translation

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  1. diptendu pattanayak

    how to go to tham lod cave from bangkok ?

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Tham Lod Cave

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