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Thai traditional wedding in Uttaradit

Thai traditional wedding in Uttaradit

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Two days later, we leave Chiang Mai for reach Uttaradit, Pim’s city, to be at her cousin’s wedding. The monks calculate the wedding’s time for the couple, for this one, it was 6 am! The ceremony took place in a modest wooden traditional house, food, all kinds of concoction, about a hundred people. No monk through lack of money, one after the other all the people salute the couple and tie a string to the wrist that symbolizes the wishes for the new couple. Everything takes place in modesty in clothes as for the decorations.

The young married couple ends up in the bridal bed where all the guests take many photos. After the ceremony, direction a village’s place to eat copiously. Musicians here, a friendly atmosphere, permanent laughs and smiles.

I’m in a new hotel, not really charming, a bit isolated from the small town, but meeting people make me forget about that. On Saturday, nice ride with Pim’s friends, in Phitsanuloke to visit the Wat Ratcha Burada and the countryside around, I was in a car with 5 Thais speaking and laughing all day long! Within 5 days in Uttardit, I won’t have met a single farang  tourist!

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Thai traditional wedding in Uttaradit

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