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Tapah’s hills

Tapah’s hills

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One hundred kms far from Kuala Lumpur, Tapah’s hills are famous to world’wide entomologists. This is one of the best places to collect insects, especially stick and leaf insects and other kind of beetles. It’s very difficult to spot them in the jungle, here everything looks like a snake or an insect. A good stroll at nighttime allowed us to find an enormous green Phasmidae , this insect is the heaviest i have ever seen, of all 5 or 6 different species of stick insect, and it’s not a lot, since the place could retain one hundred, some amazingly strange.
A small leaf grasshopper, able to get very flat, and all of the sudden comes back to it’s former shape. The biggest ever seen day-butterfly ‘trogonoptera brookiana albescens’ almost as big as a bird, glides all day long near the crystal-clear river nearby the village of Orang Asli, where this Indian Tribe of Malaysia lives in perfect harmony with nature.
At the end of the day, all the families go bathing in the river. The view from the bungalows looks like heaven on earth … The sounds from the river at nighttime, are wonderful for a peaceful good night sleep.
Being back in Kuala Lumpur, is a real shock ! I leave Nathalie here, I must get on a plane to be in Thailand the next day.
I am now in Songkhla, a small town, south of Thailand, near Hat Yai, tomorrow, off to Bangkok and Udon Thani, to get nearer the Laos border, i am expected in Sayabouri for Elefantasia’s festival from the 17th to 19th ………………….

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Tapah’s hills

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