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The Sukhothai and Si Satchanalaï historical parks

The Sukhothai and Si Satchanalaï historical parks

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Visited already,  many times before, please,  for more photos  look and  read previous posts about  Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai. So, i shall only relate about the sites i had not photographed before, on these posts : Sukhothai and Si Satchanalaï


We hire some bicycles to go freely on the site. Pim and her friend Print go by car. Most Thais dont’like much  walking or cycling, they’d rather go on a motorcycle or by car than walk one hundred meters !!!!
The northwest part of this site is taken by the Wat Si Chum and it’s huge Buddha walled.

Much further ouest, crossing swamps zones, we find the Wat Saphan Hin, only the base remains and a giant Buddha dominates the site, from the top of it’s little hill, it does need some  effort to get  there in the full heat of the day.

After this visit, the sky becomes extremely dense, blue-grey clouds, the contrasts are the highest when the sun decides to participate in lighting with the warm colors of the surrounding hills and fields !
It’s time to ride at top speed, but the tropical rain catches us … just before we get to  shelter !!!

The next morning, around the guesthouse, i finally got to photograph the incredible Troides Aeacus or Golden Birdwings, the largest day time butterfly, family of “Papillonies”. This species very lively and rather “shy”, arises only rarely and tend to fly very high at the canopy.
This time, it was busy gathering nectar of these red flowers.

Back to the park of Sukhothai, where a school outing had a mission to draw architectural details, while another group had an English lesson, at the foot of a giant tree.

A sink in the park is squatted by a small host, who is not afraid of our sudden moves while whashing our hands. We will have a lunch break in a restaurant, Pim’s very own secret place ! We tasted  dishes truly original and delicious real Thailand’s  specialities.

Si Satchanalai

The afternoon is devoted to the exploration of the site of Si Satchanalai, much wilder than Sukhotai,  deserted, it’s here that one can easily observe the Indian Roller ( Coracias benghalensis), a bird whose blue livery is simply beautiful, my photo is extremely cropped, alas … and it will remain anecdotal !


Finally, look at these two almost identical shots, one in March 2011, the other one in July 2013, the difference between  the dry season and the rainy season is obvious.


Si Satchanalai en saison des pluies

And at the end of the day, what do we do ???  Well …. we eat, what else ! The Thai cuisine is a primary culture of the country, an almost limitless wealth. The real cuisine is extremely spicy, as in the great fondue restaurant, in Uttaradit, where the dishes are choosen, self service, and literally occupy the entire avalaible space on the tables, especially our own, because Pim has perhaps overestimated, a bit, our appetites.

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The Sukhothai and Si Satchanalaï historical parks

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