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Songkran, the buddhist new year

Songkran, the buddhist new year

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From 13 th. to 16 th. April, this is « Songkran », the Buddhist Thai New Year’s festival.

On 13 th. is considered as the warmer day of the year. The average temperature reaches between 38 ° C and 40 ° C, but this year it’s a little bit colder than usual, since last month, we have to be content with 33 ° C…

In the past, the tradition consisted in pouring some scented water in each other necks, amongst the families or during villages gatherings.

Presently, this is a total frenzy. The Thai people are striding along the streets, provided with enormous squirters, and splashing any thing that goes past them : people, tuk-tuk, taxi cabs, bikes… During Songkran, you cannot leave your home without coming back entirely soacked, from your head to your feet. The bonus point is the talcum powder diluted in water, which forms a cream. It is generously rolled out on the faces of most of the persons you will meet, quickly the streets become a kind of tropical Zombieland. Everything goes on in the more gentle and friendly mood, without the less violence. Unfortunately, some incidents may happen, or even sometimes hecatombs, with bikers lacking of any visibility, crowds’s panics, and so on…

Chiang-mai is the most famous town for its « Water Festival », but I had no intention to go back there. So, I settled for the Bangkok’s version on Silom Road, where almost all the participants are Thai. The tourists rather celebrate Songkran in the Ko Sand Road’s area, which is well known to the globe-trotters.

Taking photos of these scenes is not so easy. I had to protect the camera and the lens with a plastic bag in the best way I could, and to be very cautious. Hopefully, Sita was here to take care of me and to prevent me in the most wet places.  I also used my little waterproof camera Gopro HD in order to film in the crowd, and also used the Canon 7D for the upper sceneries, here is the movie:

Bangkok has presently became a quiet town in terms of traffic : you can now breath easily, and the cabs’s rides are “traffic jam free”, a true dream ! But each dream has its price: you must put your head under the water!

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Songkran, the buddhist new year

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