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Salaeng Luang national park

Salaeng Luang national park

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This park is between Phitsanulok and Phetchabun, very large, height of 1200 meters , and has mainly pine forests and savannas. To get there, it’s like a battle space …. so, with Muay we left Nakhon Sawan late in the morning and we waited for a car at least 1 hour under a boiling-hot sun. We got to the park at 9 p.m. !!! This place is pretty remote, the rangers let us sleep in a vast dormitory for 100 Bahts (2,5 €), the place is empty, just only us.
Next morning, very excited to see the sunrise from this spot, we got up at 5 and hired VTT bikes(one each). The road is muddy and very damp, the ride of 4kms is hard, climbing a lot.
But, happily the morning lights make the raindrops shine on the meadow and on the spider’s webs.The sun drives evaporation of water from the ground and the sight is swapped by layers of mist.
The view is not breathtaking compared to Kaeng Krachen, in march 2011. For the Thaïs, a pine forest is not typical, but for a man from Bordeaux, of course, it’s not really exotic, even if the other plants/vegetation are nothing like, “les Landes” in France…
A quick look on the board indicating the savanna : 12 kms !!!! It’s 8 in the morning, we are already tired, so we decide to stop this expedition in the park, too difficult to get there, and really made for professional trekkers. To hire a car is too expensive, so, in the end i am not too keen on the savanna anymore, where i will see one deer, or two … as per usual in South East Asia. We will make the most of our bikes, all day, and we ride near the river, but yet again the road has ups and downs !!
As regards photos, for once, since i was a little disappointed, all you’ll get (sorry) is rain drops !

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Salaeng Luang national park

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