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November 2013, street protest against the amnesty bill in Bangkok.

November 2013, street protest against the amnesty bill in Bangkok.

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The former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, liberal and authoritarian, suspected of corruption and abuse of power, was overthrown by a coup in September 2006. Since then, he fled to Dubai in order to avoid double jeopardy. Meanwhile, his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, from the populist Pheu Thai Thais, was elected Prime Minister in 2011, legislative elections,  and replaces Democrat Abhisit Vejjajiva.

There are two main fronts in Thailand :
– The yellow shirts, the People’s Alliance for Democracy.
– The red shirts, the National United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship.

During the last decade, numerous clashes between the red and yellow shirts took place, mainly in Bangkok.
In 2010, following protests against Abhisit Vejjajjiva, it led to great street violence in the capital, some neighborhoods were set on fire, causing almost one hundred of deaths and more than 2000 wounded in the fighting.
Thailand has been regularly shaken by internal conflicts of this type for many years, and it rumbles between the two front

This year, and now as i am writing this post, the tension is increasing, it’s about an amnesty law, in order to put things straight, and to make a clean sweep of all the conflicts of the past years. This means that Thaksin would be allowed to return with impunity in his native Thailand. So … of course, the Democrats are not at all satisfied, and the people did not take long to organize protests, in  early November 2013. Ditto for the red shirts who do not want to give up the prosecution of perpetrators of crimes in 2010.

Both fronts are opposed to amnesty, but for different reasons, that’s why they are in “a dead end”  !!!!

I arrived on November 12th, and was able to get (rather laboriously) to the main rallying point in  Ratchadamnoen Avenue, at the foot of the Democracy Monument, built in 1939, in  honor of the revolution of 1932, which ended the absolute monarchy.

My journey : from my hotel to the Chatuchak Market, 15 km in a taxi … by the way, please notice the beautiful view from my room, before departure, it’s warm, wet, in other word, tropical.


Arrival at Chatuchak BTS station, the traffic is really low ,  everything is tidy, as regards the  cars,  and the  street vendors can enjoy a great moment of solitude in the middle of the four lanes.

Arrived at the Taksin station, take the taxi-boat for 20 minutes, do not forget to look at least  at one temple on the river, and check on the electrical wires, at last untangled ? Apparently, not ….

The protest !!

Well done, I got there !!!
Many people sit rather quiet, in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone has a plastic whistle and uses  it at the end of  almost each sentence of the stakeholders on the main stage, located at the foot of the monument. Plastic hands, symbol of protest of the party are also shaken, more or less vigorously.

In the end and to see what’s going to happen next, trusting that things will not degenerate like in 2010, or worse, here is a fascinating video, it is a real  treat for you  !!! he. he. he.
Anyway, just for the atmosphere, i have quite a few rushs with the Gopro, but i will have  to make the editing, one day …. or another …



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November 2013, street protest against the amnesty bill in Bangkok.

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