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In the cold, between 20 and 23 °, and in the wind, I discovered Pattaya, around 100 km southeast of Bangkok, in the company of Annie (see this post).
Pattaya was once a small town, now it’s a large seaside resort, sticked along a beautiful moon shaped beach, decorated with buildings built in a rush. It is also, and above all, one of  the biggest business in the world sex, a giant open-air mess. Thanks to the American soldiers, who during the Vietnam War, were accustomed to come and have fun here, the place was already known as an amusement area for Thai guys.
In France, the media watching Brigitte Bardot soaking her ass  in Saint Tropez bay, have also contributed to disfigure an idyllic place.
Annie does not really walk, she jumps like a little girl on the ledge of the bay, she’s outstretching her arms and fly, the wind blows her scarf regularly, the sea is dark and raging. I am keeping my distances, Thais and Farangs observe her strangely, she’s not looking like other Thais, “calm and serene”.
44 years old, eldest of a three children family, a Chinese father and a Thai mother, she has had, as the old Thai tradition wants, taking care of the family and make some money, maybe to be born in Pattaya should help for this mission. Now the mission is over, as well as the education of her 23 year old daughter, Annie now wants to feel free and happy all the time. Follow her all a day is not the easiest thing in the world, beside her, I feel neurasthenic. Discovering the famous walking street in the daytime, I find it hard to believe that this quiet street turns into a mess street, when night comes. However, on the sidewalk, along the beach, in the go-go bars alignments at the other side of  the street, close to the markets, girls and ladyboys are waiting for their customers, or their future husbands …
At dusk, the night lights up gogo bars everywhere, and spit disco and techno music, throughout the blushing city. A simple return in the walking street to see the disaster: thousands of people coming from all countries roam the street, many Russians because the city has a colossal amount of eastern countries prostitutes . The street is home to incredible wildlife, vulgarity is shown absolutely everywhere, with few exceptions, excessive fetishism, very short skirts close to buttocks, high heels always higher. Huge complexes gogo bars as far as the eyes can see, cabarets, showcases with dancers, special performances establishments, street vendors selling useless things. Some go-go bars have a stage with excellent rock cover bands performers,  and in the midst of it all, more prostitutes work the street…:(
The Russians are also here in families to relax, because beware: Pattaya is not only a brothel! No! Far from it! Many activities are offered despite the “beach-fuck”, the hill is cute and the viewpoint on the city and the bay is nice, numerous buddhist temples, giant buddha statues, and the huge sanctuary of truth, which is a magnificent wooden temple (not visited because rotten weather) etc..
Families come here and stroll in the midst of this monstrous street sex trade, same we go to Disneyworld on sunday, but i confess I might  prefer the genuine and friendly Pattaya vulgarity than the messy crap done by the genius Mr. Disney’s descendants.
The best customers here are the big-old men, they are less and less numerous in Europe and the U.S. and pullulate here!
Obviously, when you’re a young Thai woman, you should be very motivated … but well, these gentlemen are often very gentlemen, sometimes even touching, and own, of course, lots of money, the icing on the cake: maybe they are not so sexually functionals…
I must say, the main feature of  Thai’s prostitution: pimping is almost absent; for centuries, the tradition wants a woman to help financially her family in any way. Here, most of the time, the children are not helped in their studies, and must also give money to their parents, in return to have been feed and raised by them! It is far from the little European student with apartment and food paid by the family! So, many Thai prostitutes are freelance.
I joined Annie in one of her friend’s gogo bar, in memories of the “good old days”, she starts dancing a few minutes around the metal pole with other girls, she permits me to film. I saw her praying all the Buddha statues of the city during the morning, she wanted I bring a good video report and beautiful photos from her hometown. The next day, with another friend, we went for a very successful ladyboy show.
Pattaya is considered by the Thai people and the foreigners as a “place of fun”, well… anyway the concept may seems “a little bit” unhealthy …, one more time, which saves the day, it is the lack of aggressiveness, the kindness of those people, the smiles and joie de vivre, but, most of the time it’s obviously only appearance … the asian face, the face, always …
Personally, my discovery of this area surprised me, of course, especially the first two nights, it is far from the gloomy Pigalle in Paris; on the third night, I felt it too “business machine”, only a place of consumption … so, let’s go back to the real Thailand!

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  1. Pattaya is certainly evolving. It’s not just a red light district anymore. It’s a destination for the whole family, these days.

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Pattaya beach…

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