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Pang Mapha III: the Bam Muang Pam Village

Pang Mapha III: the Bam Muang Pam Village

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Today, we hired again the little motorbike to go to the village of Ban Muang Pam, where a Karen Tribe lives, 20 kms from Pang Mapha.

The morning mist, heavy with the night thunderstorms let us guess a pine forest, on the hillside, mysterious and gloomy landscape at dawn. The cement road leading us to the village, is full of potholes, probably because of heavy rains, and we have to get off the motorbike many times.

In the village, two women who were drinking a delicious green tea, welcome us, in front of the house. One woman is a granny, near 100 years old, and the other one is the “little one”, last one of a family of 10 children, and she is 68 ! They invite us to have some tea, brewed in a cast iron teapot, very burned on the outside, a very symbolic image of China and South East Asia. In the village, people live o long time, because of this tea, so they say, kind of miraculous …. but most certainly because of what they eat : no “chemical killers” in their healthy food !

When i saw the old lady, i came to think of my own granny (mother’s side) who died, 100 years old. I could see, sometimes, the same old ways, and energy, in a dry but sturdy body. She has good sight, she walks easily and lives on her own, in a big wooden house, she did invite us to come in. Inside, almost nothing, but space. An old cupboard with glass doors, a bedroom with a mosquito net, and the hearth to get warm and cook, and …… a little cat !!

Some people from the village say she could be 120 years old, but since her last child is 68, it’s quite unbelievable.

Muay could not understand the local dialect, so the best way to communicate was to gesture together …. only a few “youngsters” speak Thai. We stayed with her and other people visiting, near the small shop, a real, true moment of simple, shared happiness, a marvelous day, indeed.

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Pang Mapha III: the Bam Muang Pam Village

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