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Pang Mapha II: The Baan Look Kao Lam Village

Pang Mapha II: The Baan Look Kao Lam Village

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On our second day at Pang Mapha, Muay suggested that we could hire a small motorbike to go to Baan Look Lam, a Lahu tribe’s village.
A ride of 14 kms, not too difficult, but a strong tropical rain made us stop and run to a “road shelter” made of corrugated iron. The downpour over, a little cement road goes steep downwards the plain, first sight of the village, within the nature, just damp and marvelous. We leave the motorbike and carry on walking on this clayey path.
Here, the “Zen attitude” is at it’s peak, no noisy engine, well…..seldom a motorbike or a car go by. The village lives in a sound wave of human voices, and is kind of floating in a dream world, just like in a fairy tale ! Some banners made of  jungle vines, delicately tangled, indicate that some special event, or festivities are about to take place. We shall know …. no more !
At nightfall, we decide to come back tomorrow. So next day, 6 in the morning, on the spot …… a non expected guide, a strong woman takes us to the top of the hill, a 2 hours’  walk, on a red, slippery path, to discover the “Spirit of the Hole”, a cave in a huge hole totally invaded by the virgin forest, nearly impossible to take photos. This non expected trek, with no food, no drink, and each shoe weighty of “at least” a kilo of clay, was truly, really, a trying experience, especially with the rising sun.
Our guide lives near by. Her husband is corn harvesting, the corn is guaranteed NO “MONSANTO INSIDE” …..
All this area is a large wild vegetable garden where peppers, white radishes, herbs, spices, mushrooms, cabbages and lots of other vegetables are grown within this wild nature. On our way back, the woman filled her basket, and back to the village to do some cooking.
That is called real, true happiness. Here, all industrial and modern civilization has no place. Nothing to add, no superfluous, because this is not their world, it’s our world !

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Pang Mapha II: The Baan Look Kao Lam Village

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