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Moalboal,  a mecca for snorkeling on the Cebu island.

Moalboal, a mecca for snorkeling on the Cebu island.

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Moalboal is a village located west of the island of Cebu in the Visayas, the central Philippines. From Cebu city, the capital of the province, just get on a bus from South Station : a 3 hours’trip is required. Arrived on the spot, you must ride a tricycle to reach the tourist aera where the diving and snorkeling clubs abound. You can find great cheap rooms for 600 pesos , hold by charming Filipino families.

Nova, a Philippine friend who has 3 days vacation, joined me early in the morning at Cebu’s South Station.
The road to Moalboal goes trough lively villages and sometimes highly polluted natural aeras, like this river. Here is  the village of Talisay (thank you to the GPS Canon eos6D) photographed from the bus.

The road then runs along the coast, planted with coconut trees ubiquitous in the Philippines. From the bus, corals can be seen in the sea (almost) crystalline. Arrived in Moalboal, Rowena welcomes us in a tourist aera. She is the goddaughter of a childhood friend of mine, who lives in Bordeaux.
It was very easy to find rooms, with bathrooms, only 600 pesos (10 euros) for these 3 days.
Moalboal ‘s waterfront has nothing special, no beautiful beaches here, people come here only for diving and snorkeling.

It’s time to swim along this rocky coast, biodiversity is incredible, huge shoals of sardines swirl and sparkle under the golden sun of the late afternoon. We see a turtle, the funds are covered with soft corals, showing a healthy ecosystem, for the time being.

As for other posts, the Gopro film will be released in a single editing later,regrouping all my underwater rushes.

Well over 5 p:m the sun sets over the Bangkas oscillating on the sea, while children begin to sing Christmas carols.

Opposite Moalboal, the small island is Pescados, the 3 of us participate to a snorkeling trip, with some divers, aboard a Bangka.

The water is really crystal clear, here, invisible, the contrast is at its maximum. I am getting nervous, annoyed about the Gopro Hero 3, it has decided to empty its battery before i turn it on, the camera is boiling hot, i can do only a dozen photos before its final extinction, this is the third time it happens to me, of course, always in the best places  ………..

The Bangka now returns to the coast and stops at a marine sanctuary where  soft corals and fish abound. The rain is back, and blurs the sea surface, it feels nice, here, i appreciate the calm and poetry prevailing at this time, on board.

Back to the harbor, some children come on board the Bangka to wish us a (singing) Merry Christmas.
Mmmmm yes ok…it’s lacking a little bit of concentration…

Moalboal is really a place rich in marine life, certainly the most interesting of this trip to the Philippines. I know it now, writing this post, but i did not know it before my stay, here in Philippines.

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Moalboal, a mecca for snorkeling on the Cebu island.

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