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Meeting with Bishnu

Meeting with Bishnu

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I walked in the dusty alleys of this poor village of Sauhara, I did not know why, I had foreseen the possibility of an encounter, observing the activity of the inhabitants, the kids returning from school for lunch,  it was noon.

A voice from a small shop, ready to collapse, invited me to come, sit and drink a coke, it was Bishnu, who came here to see his family. He lives and works in Pokhara, in a trekking agency, he proposes me to attend the skinning of an ox, in the small family farm, no hesitation!

The family has many members, and I had just encountered, few minutes before, one of  the brothers, who just asked me a portrait shoot, on the main road, he was looking pretty strange, but nice. During  the butchering scene, I did not know where to look and which way to use the wide angle and telephoto lenses, so many actions, so many photos in a really short time! The skinning is very methodically done, everything well sorted and weighed.

Bishnu invites me to come again for diner this evening, to eat a chicken Dhal bat (the most expensive one).

Back to my lodge, I will rent a bicycle to ride the few kilometers from my place to Bishnu’s home, in the night, in this so dusty path. Bishnu warned me that the area was not very safe and promise to accompanying me back with his brother, after the meal.

We have eaten this yummy Dhal Bat cooked by the mother, both sitting down on the floor, in this new room that Bishnu has built for his family, with the money earned in Pokhara. Immediately afterwards, a small photo shooting with the entire family begun, Bishnu wish to have memories of them, one of his brothers seems very sick, fed manually with a spoon by the mother. Hosted in this family like a king, I was really shy and wasn’t know where to sit down, in such moments of sympathy, simplicity and love, we learn profound lessons of life, “us”, people of the “developed” countries

The kids were very excited when shooting the pictures. It was not so easy to frame in the complete darkness, as not have any electricity, I left my cobra flash in the lodge, so i used the internal flash, by applying a piece of paper in front, to soften the light.

Bishnu and his brother, followed me, biking up to my lodge, and we will share a soft fresh drink  before they return back home, everything happened really fast, but I shall remember all my living that day…

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Meeting with Bishnu

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