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Luang Prabang, end of Laos trip

Luang Prabang, end of Laos trip

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A haven of serenity, after the so noisy festival, only 3 bus hours and 6 tons of dust from Sayaboury bus station, Luang Prabang is an Unesco heritage site. This is the town of monks and temples, situated between the legendary Mekong and the Nam Khan River, it is built all along this peninsula. The place contain everything to be idyllic, but there’s a catch: the today Luang Prabang is certainly not the one discovered by the travelers in the 70’s, I’ve never seen a place with so many guest-houses, start to search for a temple and you will cross advertising for housing each meter you’ll walk.

The Laotians citizen, here, seems to be really bored and totally lacking of smile, prices are also excessive for the country, the restaurants lining the Mekong River are all looking identical and prevent any access to the banks. Of course, you can visit magnificent temples, like the Vat Xieng Thong, with its so beautiful glass mosaics ont he wall. You can also explore this tiny town by bike, but everything here look like decor artifice and inauthenticity, that’s a shame when you notice that everything was done precisely to preserve the original spirit of the place, the tourism industry has definitely killed the place. Another disappointment in Laos: the forests totally animal free: almost everything has been hunted, birds and mammals, then you can walk in large depopulated areas, no sounds and no surprises in the jungle. Well, you have understood: Luang Prabang and its people really bored me, after two days, I took a small plane to Chiang Mai, maybe less beautiful city, but so much alive!!

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Luang Prabang, end of Laos trip

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