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Ko Phangan, Ang thong marine park and back to Bangkok…

Ko Phangan, Ang thong marine park and back to Bangkok…

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Back in Bangkok, after a week of “vacation”, in the pleasant company of Karine, Christelle and Sabrina, friends from Bordeaux, in Ko Phangan island and Ang Thong marine park, a wonderful archipelago of fluorescent green vegetation and intense turquoise water, a taste of paradise!

A short night walk still permit me to record some birds and insects, but unfortunately still disturbed by a marine engine.

Let’s start with a “classical” night ambiance with birds and insects in Ko phangan:

The morning, it’s time for this bird to sing, the Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus), it is also common in many urban areas, it has the particularity to play a short sound and progressively increase up in frequencies:

In Ko Ang Thong, there are also boat engines noises, especially in the late morning until about 4pm, peak of the tourist activity;  in late afternoon, it’s the wilderness! You can rent a large bungalow there, be sure to book and pay in advance, thank you Karine! The place is simply gorgeous, a rocky trail climbs up to the viewpoint  that embraces the whole archipelago, youfeel alone in the world. The seashore is often visited by the semnopithecus obscure (Trachypithecus obscurus), black and white monkeys of  Langur family; they are coming there to scrounge small figs, the noise of this animal is very particular and sometimes may be surprising:

The strange sounds of the Tokay gecko, a reptile capable to climb on the walls, is also a piece of curiosity:

The sound of cicadas in the forest canopy, is very intense, one species makes a sound particularly screeching, it’s like in a sawmill:

Another species, also strident, less acute, with variations in intensity:

I’ve also recorded  3:30 h of  the nightlife atmosphere, including  the awakening of birds at dawn, you can hear also the sea in the background, here is a 11 minutes sample  in the morning:

All of those sweet memories, are now quickly cleared by the  stifling atmosphere who  reigns now in the queen capital, the summer is coming soon …

Stifled, ok, but still serene, not seen any sign of irritation for now 21 days, not one scene of violence, not even a premise, nothing … My Thai friends, Muay and Sita, still present, we were so happy to see us again, quick “commercial” photo session with Sita, around the Wat Arun, the “temple of dawn”, raising its imposing silhouette in the late afternoon, along the chao praya river, crowded of nautical transports, a real delight to get around there by boats, who slip and cross in all directions, so much pollution, but so much life!

I am writing this few lines, while waiting for the plane to Chiang Rai, extreme northeast city, where doctor Bum, a veterinary is waiting me, her ex boss wants me to film and record angry farmers who protest against banks .. . Things are getting hot!

Below are some photos of the two islands, as well as excerpts from my photo session with Sita.

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Ko Phangan, Ang thong marine park and back to Bangkok…

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