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Ko Chang island

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The 500 photos taken of miss Pim will not unveil you the beauty of the island. Ko Chang, second biggest island after Phuket, preserves its inaccessible heart, a beautiful tropical forest that flows onto the edges of sea, well preserved. We are far from the ko phangan deforestation , even if  the resorts grow like mushrooms, years after years, but saltwater  does not like molds.
Bus dropped us on the West coast of the island, in a charming guesthouse. Moo is the employee, a great guy.
The first morning, at breakfast time, Pim met Brigitte, a French woman traveler, they immediately sympathize together!
We have had a pleasant day of boat sailing to observe wildlife on four small islands of the archipelago, the boat crew fishing and preparing Grill, giving us fresh fruits and drinks, an  exemplary organization, in good humor and  kindness…
Two dives have allowed us to see, that corals have all died here also, there are only a few anemones and soft corals; only fishes, this is quite disappointing…one more time.
A Russian woman tourist has had the good idea to put on a string and show plenty of enormous red pimples on the buttocks emerging from the water, we are happy: a new form of life appear, Pim named it  “full moon”.
A beautiful rain anime the small world of the cruise, followed by scattered clearings in the sky, leaving turquoise trails on the sea grey, contrasts!
The next day, departure for the wild side of the island, the South; for reaching it, we have to make a complete tour of the island! As I’m very lazy to start a deforestation with my knife, we decided to jump in a van along the coast.
In the Van, it is meeting with Alain, coming from Belgium, he is now living in Thailand for 30 years, own his personal boat and has already sail along the wholeThailand coastline
Alain speak with Pim in a perfect Thai language, we are really impressed! To reach a such hihg level, he took 1500 hours of lessons in Bangkok!
Alain was surprised to see a farang like me friend with a Thai woman and travel with her, he told me that thai women who usually travel with a man have to be married with him!
Alain is living with his thai girlfriend in Bangkok, but he think it’s not so easy to meet new people and mix the cultures.
The wild coastline is a beautiful beach with some  wooden bungalows, high in the trees, very cheap price to spend the night there, but the steps are sometimes a real pain to climb up!
A short walking  is possible along 2 kilometers before reaching a place called the “dead end”, nothing serious, just a rocky coastline with  of a generous mangrove forest.
Pim worked hard during these 4 days for the photos,
Always well dressed, and changing clothes twice a day, sometimes perched on a tree, riding a swing or splashing  in the water… but most of the time sleeping in many different places 🙂 .
We leave Ko Chang the fifth day, Brigitte going to the South, Pim returning in her hometown Uttaradit, me on Bangkok, Alain stayed in the island to try a sailing next days.
I am  now in Bangkok to celebrate the Buddhist new year, called “songkran”, a specialty of Thailand…

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Ko Chang island

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