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Khao Yai national Park

Khao Yai national Park

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A short halt in wilderness, in Khao Yai National Park. I joined Ning in Ayutthaya, by the old traditional train, a true little wonder, it rolls only at 50 km / h, under the tropical heat, all the windows open, beverages and food sellers every 5 minutes, no excuse if you found yourself in a hypoglycemia crisis! This train is a true poetry flowing from the past, inside you can cross some radiant faces, life here is so “Zen”.

And now, arrived in Ayutthaya, a visit to Anne, an artist who possesses her own tattoo shop. Ning heating her car’s motor, which is not really difficult under a tropical climate, and let’s go to the Khao Yai national park, one of the largest in Thailand. Unfortunately, arrived in full week end period, don’t hope to come across lots of wildlife species, the site has not changed from 2006, always have the same bungalows and the two campsites. Thanks to the super car of Miss Ning, we’re heading for the mountain highest point to admire the point of view through… the mist!

At dusk, the rainforest is sounding greatly with thousands of  bird’s songs:

Midnight, time for a short walk at night, around the bungalows, we saw many porcupines, good live music from small toads:

Later, in the morning, “double White Gibbon concerto” :

Back to Ayutthaya, Ning really like to sing pop Thai and I ask her to record her singing  this melody:

Next day, it’s time for departure, jump to the Bangkok airport for a flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia …

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Khao Yai national Park

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