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Kaeng Krachan national park

Kaeng Krachan national park

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Thousands and thousands of butterflies, all kind of species, flutter under a very harsh sun and gather in numbers on water puddles or mammals’ excrements, never ever could i have imagined to see so many butterflies, even in my wildest dreams, i would say more, i did not think this phenomenon existed.

Going near by the gathering, raises a tornado, exploding in a huge sphere that swallows up all the available space around us, on quite a large distance. One must see it to believe it ! This phenomenal event does not produce any good photos, a film is a little better….

At night, the flying ants, and thousands of midges overtake the place and not to forget wasps, bees, all these never seem to sleep in this country. Opening the tent must not take more than ten seconds, or you will have to sleep with hundreds of unwanted guests….

I will not see the tiger, nor the wild elephants, nor Tarzan !! My friends the rangers do not speak English (except Chok) and conversation is rather a kind of gesture.. Despite all this, i will endeavor the miraculous herb : washing my hands in the river, i have this great idea to rub them with some lovely tree leaves, but .. i had a whole day’s pain in both my hands, articulations “burning” like with nettles stings, well a great time i had, indeed !!

I got to the second camp, high up in the country, and the view on the forest with the morning mist is beautiful, gibbon’s singing echoes in all directions. Lots of birds, difficult to take photos of them, anyway i did managed to get two very colorful species.

I was in the heart of Thailand, its tropical rainforest, with intense and non stop activity.

Thanks to Martine for the translation.

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Kaeng Krachan national park

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