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Gone with the Van…

Gone with the Van…

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The 8th, in Amon’s van ( Bum’s first boss), I leave Chiang Rai for Chiang Mai, second biggest city in Thailand, also an ancient fortified area,  a great place for Thai traditions and culture. Crowded of white tourists, the “Farangs”, Chiang Mai still has some places to explore, especially many temples on every street corner!

The Wat phra Singh temple is the most famous, richly decorated with awesome wall paintings (see the photos in Chiang Mai: last destination).

Here is a recording mix of monks and citizen praying with antique music at the end, you can notice the dogs barking when the bells ring, they don’t like the frequencies at all!

Tonight, it’s Sunday, and I have the chance to discover the large week end night market in the east side of the ancient city, musicians, singers, sellers everywhere, noisy and joyful!

Here is a edited recording of  different market sounds:

There is a stage on a street where kids can sing populars Thai songs, parents and grandparents watching proudly the delightful spectacle:

Pim, nurse in Uttaradit, joined me tonight by bus, to travel up and down the city and the surrounding areas; like many Thais, she is a smiling, calm, joyful, welcoming person, and like so much posing for photos!!

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Gone with the Van…

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