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The death railway from Kanchanaburi to Namtok

The death railway from Kanchanaburi to Namtok

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The death railway

5:57 a.m. it’s departure time for the famous train. It goes on the death railway … please read previous post.
5:30 a.m. the first rays of sun hit the wood paneling of the little, colorful railway station, the heat is up quickly, the train will be late, as per usual (or almost) but it won’t be a problem since the very few passengers are tourists, or local farmers. Everybody can enjoy precious moments of an early tropical morning.
The old engine is coming in,  slowly, from Thonburi’s station, in Bangkok. The carriages have very ordinary seats, and are painted with a flashy orange color. All the windows are open, some are broken, no air-conditioning, really great !! So much better than first- class !!!!

It’s like a flashback, in an atmosphere not even outdated. This machine seems eternal, and even more lively than ever….

The cruising speed explains the delays, here and there, when the train stops in all the small stations of isolated villages, deep in the countryside of Kanchanaburi’s provinces, sometimes “high speed” peaks at 50 kms/h will not make up for the delay, here, time is never lost, it is the present that rules the life.
The ride is magnificent with the morning lights, in the countryside  still damp.

The “metallic beauty” goes along the river Kwai and feels weighty yet again airy, when it goes over the wooden pilotis, like “high heels”  fixed shamefully in the heart of the rock, it’s up to a point that we feel  dizzy with these stunning and beautiful landscapes.

This short journey, 2 hours and a half is really worth it, but one has to get up very early to make the most of the golden lights of sunrise and avoid the stifling heat of midday.
So few passengers early morning, allows  to take advantage of the space in the (almost) empty train and to go through it easily.
The second train at 10:45 a.m. does not offer all this “comfort”…..

Here is a short video showing the journey on the death railway, filmed with the Canon 6D and the Gopro Hero 3 black:

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The death railway from Kanchanaburi to Namtok

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