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Davao, the biggest city in the world.

Davao, the biggest city in the world.

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Behind this tantalizing tittle, lies a great disappointment to the reader.

Yes, Davao, in the southern Philippines, the Mindanao, neglected by tourists because of the risk  of attacks and kidnapping perpetrated by Muslim rebels (only in certain aeras) is the largest city in the world, well,  with the aera, not by the number of inhabitants.
Thanks to me, you will not see anything of it… I must admit after Manila, I have no  wish to visit the city, even if the atmosphere is different, the airport is tiny, with only one international flight : Singapour ! Wow !!!!

Davao is also the city of Jenefer, met in Banaue, she lives in a village with her family, about one hour or more from the center, her place is not far from Mount Apo, which  from its 3000m height dominates the plain that goes “dying” in the sea. It is also the highest mountain in the Philippines, a volcano, more or less asleep …but able to “wake up” after long vacations.

The choice of a hotel from the guide “Petit fûté” mentions a smart,  little and original establishment,  the “Ponce Suites”. The decoration is the work of a local artist Kublai Milan, the walls are riddled with primitive art and modern paintings. One flight of stairs leads to a large terrace, very “busy”, see by yourself !

Mindanao is a tropical zone and also Equatorial. The Philippine’s Eagle is endemic to this region, it’s one of the largest in the world (there again…)  but also the rarest these days , deforestation chasing the magnificent raptor, whose space requirements are considerable for just one couple. It feeds on monkeys, macaques, and other mammals and snakes. Currently, there are about 400 individuals in the wild. A center, located north of the city (about 30km), provides some births, one egg per couple and per year, in a lush park, where you can also watch other diurnal and nocturnal raptors, in cages, and also one crocodile which is languishing in a pool …. i call it a zoo !!

Back to Davao, after a short stop in a nearby town, to continue on a jeepney, allows me to take pictures of the traffic during the rush hour, the road is in fact a muddy path, and .. oh ! not to mention … it’s still raining !!!!
The activity is worthy of a megacity, on the sidewalk, we can see  games players, various games played by a large a number of people in Philippines, but always created with the means at hand…

End of this short tour of Davao, and now i am off to Samal Island !!!

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Davao, the biggest city in the world.

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