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Chiang Mai 2012: last destination

Chiang Mai 2012: last destination

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Well, that’s here in Chiang Mai, the ending of my “three months and half” trip who started in November, during the sweet Japanese fall season in Osaka… I will be back on February 28th in Bordeaux, I can not stay anymore, because of a serious family emergency. Nathalie was already in Chiang Mai when my plane from Luang Prabang was landing. Very happy to see her again, the opportunity to discover together the contemporary art museum in its beautiful park with its huge wooden Thai houses. The most quiet museum in the world: three visitors, no guardian, no entrance fee,  and a really nice exhibition. Last night a surprising discovery: near the Saturday night market, an awesome silver temple with many metallic carving inside ! Here are also the pictures of my two other visits in the city, in December and January, with the umbrellas factory and the golden Doi Sutep temple, at the top of the highest hill, about ten miles north of he city center…

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Chiang Mai 2012: last destination

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