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Bangkok’s Chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown

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Of all possible destinations in Thailand, Bangkok remains (for me) the most fascinating town. There is madness here and somehow it feels unfinished ….. The heat is almost unbearable. One cannot go out for more than a few hours, back to the hotel for a shower is a must, or one get stuck to anything encountered !

This time, i did not stay very long, but i did make the most of my last days here to wander in Chinatown, with Muay, other people and Veer, a photographer, amateur, but also English teacher.

One can roam around the place for months, but every second millions of things happen on this chaotic scenery.

Shopkeepers, cooks, chemists, laborers, carriers, haulers, shoeshine boys, massage therapy, a nun (see photo) waste collectors and temples’ keepers, tuk tuk, bus and occasional drivers, beggars, beauticians, monks, healers and lots more come and go in what seems total anarchy, but is working perfectly well within these narrow, dark alleyways that sometimes take you to some temple, when one might think : it’s a dead end !!!

Chinatown is a misfit community stuck in the heart of the South East Asia’s ” QUEEN”.

Thanks to Martine for the translation

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Bangkok’s Chinatown

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