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Bangkok 2011

Bangkok 2011

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Just arrived in Bangkok in a well mud, slept a little in air France plane, plus they have had the audacity to land with 30 minutes early! Really outrageous! I prefer air India that allows you  to picnic, play golf, smoking and peeing on the airport carpet 23 times before arriving …

Bangkok is still the same since 2006, I even recovered some people photographed last time, as the pineapple seller, on the pavement, right in front of the damaged Royal old mansion. In the Tavee guesthouse, Thewet district, there is no change too. They still constantly polish the floors, the courtyard concrete, the tables; next time, I will bring a microscope to find something to complain about …

Encountered my web contacts:Muay, Pep and Sita, so lovely women, honest, sincere and reliable, always happy. Initially, this seemed to me pretty unbelievable, and I was worrying a little bit, I’ve read so many strange stories in internet about Thai people, but now, after visiting the city, had some diners and conversation with them, we are real friends. I’m really pleased  to approach a sample of the population, away from mass tourism, it’s one of the best ways to know the real Thailand. About kindness, some persons find Thai people not particularly friendly, can  they quote me other countries, welcoming so many tourists, so stress free, in a city of 10 millions citizen as Bangkok ? I visited the surroundings of the city, distant floating markets, temples, so much diversity! At 8 am, the sun is already high, it’s often prevents me to obtain appropriate lighting for pictures, the suffocating heat does not permit editing  the photos easily on the laptop, the summer arrives in 15 days … I will not complain, I adapt myself progressively.

Getting around Bangkok is not an easy act, especially during rush hours, which means most of the day! Here’s a short video that includes the automobile traffic, the train and of course water taxis :

When the heat is too high, you can try to refresh yourself, during a longtail boat trip, in the old canals, the “Klongs”:

The new generation of Thai people are fashions Victims, you can see them, for example, around Silom road or Siam commercial center:  serious fluorescent clothes, excessive makeup, hairstyles of the third millennium (especially guys), sometimes sexy, but often kitsch, an exemplary of an intense consumerist society! You might say ” so, there is matter for observing and photographing … yes indeed… well, for now I fails to photograph the 15-25 old, I’m still too shy and I have to feel more confident before proceed.

After 9 days spent in the capital, I head southward to discover some islands and to welcome the Hilt sisters and Sabrina, the 19th february, friends from Bordeaux. On March 12th, I am expected to a traditional wedding in northern Chiang Mai, I am also awaited in Chiang Rai (do not confuse) to shoot and film farmers, who are protesting against … against … I do not know exactly, it’s a story of banks and poor people, do you know?

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Bangkok 2011

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