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Bakhtapur, Back to pure

Bakhtapur, Back to pure

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I am now in Bakhtapur, a 15th century magnificent city, Chris and friends went here last week. Temples, palaces, sculptures, statues, as abundant as rain drops, and small temples in each street corner. The whole town is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Bishnu, they are represented in their different incarnations, under their masculine or feminine form, sometimes as various animals … It is very complicated and confusing, even an initiate could get confused ! Buddhism is also active, but in small minority here, the two religions are frequently mixed. I saw a ceremony with a strange sacrifice of a goat, head cut, and carried as an offering with fruits; a man stepped out of a temple, looking possessed, holding two trays of fruits, soaked with the blood of the beast (see photo). Many musicians play a kinds of latina music, heavy percussions, sometimes similar to the Brazilian batuccada. Yesterday, at dusk, a wedding was celebrated in the street, attracting many people, musicians were still around!

It’ so good to wander and being lost in this dark city, most of the citizen are living in a total darkness, in small wet rooms, almost troglodytes!

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Bakhtapur, Back to pure

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