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Arriving at Kathmandu

Arriving at Kathmandu

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At last, we’re in Kathmandu.

In a broad valley, lies this most likely sick city. Even its inhabitants hardly fits in. Western pedestrians struggle to thread their way through all those alleyways and sloping streets, full of scooters, cars and busts…

Everything is anarchy. Even the river is left to its fate, and winds its way with neauseating waters. It swallows tons of garbage as a daily offering and tries to make its best by vomiting there and there a rich unpleasant fragrance. Those last breaths are an hopeless attempt to draw men’s attention.

Here you’ll find one among the biggest ‘Stupa’ in the world, a mound-like structure standing as a body of the buddha. On top of it a metal spike symbolize the ‘Aether’ but drowned in the city foul air. This building seems to be weathered by the billions of car honking. Like an ubiquitous sound sculpture, traffic laws breeds a blanket of noise that interferes with the universal law, the om syllab radiating from all the temples.

This is a wretched and restless city, yet people smiles. At dawn, all are busy in Durbar Square till 10pm when the streets cool down. Then drug dealers, whores and mongrels answer each others in barks.

This city can’t breathe. The only one city park is a big green carpet covered with tall grass and lined with scattered trees.

Food is good enough. ‘Momos’ (ravioli dish) and ‘Dal Bath’ (rice and lentils stew) are among our favorites meals.

We stay in a very old neighborhood close to Durbar Square’s temples. I’m in a 6 dollars a night hotel. My merry fellows rent a lodge for 4 dollar and 50 cents !

Day is hot (from 25 to 30°C).There’s a chill in the night.

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Arriving at Kathmandu

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