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Around Umphang

Around Umphang

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I have now returned from my trip to Chiang Mai. I meet Muay at her sister in law ‘s place, Mae Sot. So, back where we started !

Before our long journey to Angkor, in Cambodia, we agree to spend a day or more at Umphang, 150 kms further south. I have been there before, with Laetitia and Chris. We made a superb trek, 3 days, including elephant riding !!

The road to get there is one of the most beautiful in Thailand, Muay’s pick-up truck takes us through wavy landscapes, between hills and plains, contrasting with small savannas and in the end all this makes you feel the dampness of a tropical forest.

Here, nature is wild and almost untouched. They mainly grow rice, sugar cane and Mexican marigold (roses d’inde).The rice is being harvested and dried, now. The peasants use threshing machines to shell it.

On our way, we come across small villages, Karen tribes, and large camps of Burmese refugees. They live in basic wooden houses covered with straw.This short bufe of “fresh air” is a real treat after the bustle of Loy Krathong’s festival and the wild traffic in Chiang Mai.

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Around Umphang

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