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Escaped from the noisy Kathmandu to reach Pokhara, a city with no real charm, near a lovely lake. In this place, tourists organize their future trek, the stores are full of redundant stuffs, like sleeping bags, blankets, gourds…and so many useless things…

A small propeller plane, drops us at 2500 meters high, in a village named Jomsom, we ascend and the temperature decreases! Fortunately, I found the same day, the solution to raising up my own temperature: a good diarrhea combined with an important fever, I’m covered with a damart , a good polar, a windbreaker and plowed into my comfortable fluff itself topped with a large blanket, and I”m still trembling! A rapid research on internet, will allow me to learn, that Nepal is the number one country in the world, for diarrhea! This episode reminds me strongly my trip in Morocco, I never travel in the runs, but when I catch it, I have the highest quality possible with luxurious fever! It”s also alarming, when we know the serious diseases accompanied by such symptoms …

The next day we hire a porter, Tom, and, thanks to the new road under construction, who will be soon reach all the Anapurnas mountain belt, we are taking a jeep to Muktinath, a village at 3800 meters high, so a difference of 1300 meters in only 1 hour …quite not recommended, not more than skipping steps during scuba diving. On arrival, everyone is more or less calmed down for the day, the afternoon nap is extended a long time! I will attempt one outing in the late afternoon, to “climb” several hundred meters and expecting a panoramic view; alas, having forgotten my spacesuit (not recommended during shits), my camera bag seems to weigh a ton, and my heart start to run like making a jogging event … the fever certainly multiplying the phenomenon …i feel like a one hundred year person, maybe more.

After a sleepless night for me (non-stop jogging), the first trek of the day is a blessing, as we go down for 2500 meters in 2 hours, the landscape is spectacular, geological formations very eclectics, nuanced in pastel shades, lining the whole route; small hamlets, thankfully equipped with toilets are always welcome! These landscapes are not unlike the Moroccan Atlas, this makes two common points with Morocco! The adults refuse to be photographed, only the children fully play the game, they are like tiny smiling tramps, snot dripping down continuously from their noses, elder brother or sister carrying the younger one on their backs.

Back to Jomsom, before continuing going down, Gopal, an Nepalese Chris”s friend , joined us, he”s a trek guide and also own a small restaurant in Kathmandu.

Around noon, every day, the wind is rising and rushes between the vast mountains, the cars generously project the sand-dust on our body, each time they pass beside us (see photos), with this new road, it”s the end of the wilds and quiets treks in the Anapurnas , if you want to find the authentic Nepal, you have to seeking for new places far from there…

We are now back at Pokhara, my health problem has stopped before the last trekking day, thanks to the antibiotics provided by Chris.

Now, Chris, Pascale, Domi and co. are returning to Kathmandu tomorrow; as for me, I”m  looking for going in the Chitwan national park, in the Terai area…

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