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Angkor part V: The Stars

Angkor part V: The Stars

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Last day in Angkor is the stars’ day : the TA PHROM, lovingly taken by the trees. They thrust their golden and shiny roots in the mineral flesh, the same gilding that we find in the Buddhist temples nowadays, just like if nature had the willpower to show the holy architecture.
It’s 6 in the morning, almost alone, it’s real fun “to get lost” here, with just the big budgerigars (and their weird feathers) singing.
The “modest” Ta Som is an antique gem in the forest, actually being restored. It’s East door is totally enclosed in the roots of a ficus tree, an international community of dentists is studying the case !
The Prah Klan also has a trees cap. Its long, fresh and dark corridors, even with a blazing sun at 10 in the morning, make a maze that seems to get off it’s own walls.
Getting out, we meet Kao, comfortably sprawled in his Tuk-Tuk,totally lost in a Khmer’s sleep, deep and immutable.
The city of Angkor Vat : it is surrounded by a giant moat of 200 ha, in it’s middle, the temple, the biggest, the most prestigious of all, is built on a terrace of 9 ha. It is the most famous monument of
Khmer’s art…. and the only remain of the town. Why ? Because these religious buildings were built of stone, houses and administrations monuments were made of other material, light and perishable, but it was the tradition !
Visiting this temple, at the end of my trip, was a deliberate choice (because all tourists madly get there, first thing) but , it was no more emotional than visiting the other temples. The outside is rather plain, less sensual, a bit like Mériadeck in Bordeaux, (they might have an architectural atom in common).
But, nevertheless, inside, sculptures and settings are tremendously feminine and graceful. Here we are bogged down this excessive empire, by the genius of Khmer’s art, the gallery of bas-relief 600 meters long is all along the temple’s enclosure and shows Hindus scenery, it’s a universe of it’s own.
This visit requires a guide to understand the symbolic and complexity of the architecture. I will strongly advice you to get one, because unfortunately, i did not ….
Byeeee Cambodia, country where everyday’s life is true and can be seen just a few meters away, out of your towns.
I’ll be back, i hope, so long !!

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Angkor part V: The Stars

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