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Angkor part III:  on the Banteay Srei road

Angkor part III: on the Banteay Srei road

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Today we wanted to visit two temples futher away : Banteay Srei and Beng Melea, located 35 and 60 kms from Angkor.
But first of all, look at some photos of the country life in small villages, on the road between these two temples.
Cambodia ‘s countryside around Siem Rep is flat. The roads are not made of tarmac and we see again the famous red earth that gives so much colour to the scenery of ordinary everyday’s life.
Of course, it is very hot, it’s 9 in the morning, winter time and the air is dry, any vehicle going by, moves clouds of dust. Kao took a short cut between the two temples . The Tuk-Tuk has a hard time, Kao must stop twice to pump up one tyre that looks a bit “sensitive” to the potholes. He fills up the tank…. here the petrol is sold in whisky bottles, stocked up on wooden shelves, under a blazing sun, but, fortunately a sunshade makes it all very safe ….of course !!!!!
Some children go by, lots of children, not like in Vietnam, Cambodia has an explosive demography, not to forget the suffering, still in mind of these pleasant people.
The kind of transport mostly used in the countryside seems to be the bicycle and the ….cart, pulled by oxen. Very few cars go by, but when they do, they raise so much earth, that breathing and eyesight are very much disturbed long after they have gone.
Kao stops at his place and introduces us to his family, his father grows rice in the field, behind the wooden house, and besides is the primary school. Our arrival brings about excitement and chaos, as per usual in these secluded places.
Muay, in the middle of all the children, suddenly looks like a school teacher !
It’s time to be on the road again, the temple is still quite far away. I have difficulties to take photos from the Tuk-Tuk, not because of it’s speed , but because the vehicle is like a yoyo, up and down on this path, and my head often bumps on the ———- of the camera.
But with great determination, i managed to get a few neat pictures. One hour later, i decided to get down a second time to visit another village, it’s so nice to meet new people !
On the way back from the temple, in the evening, we will just look around and take pictures without getting off the Tuk-Tuk. This life seems so simple and peaceful, but in fact it is a lot of daily, tremendous efforts, under a blazing sun in winter and torrential rain and flooded soil in summer.
There is a feeling of happiness to live here, now and forever, one just needs to admire the gentleness of these faces, some with beautiful wrinkles, lovely smiles, all open minded about everyday’s life and no worry about tomorrow…..

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Angkor part III: on the Banteay Srei road

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