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Angkor part II: Second day

Angkor part II: Second day

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DAY 2, we leave at 6 in the morning with Kao who will be our appointed Tuk-Tuk driver.

Here is the map:

We start again from the Bayon (read the post) to be able to enjoy the place before “tourists’ time”.
Our host gave us advice to walk in the jungle between the temples of Prah Palilay, Tep Pranam, Preah Pithu and North Khleang, extraordinary … we hardly meet any tourist !!! Same again around the royal Palace, but for a few elephants and King’s Leper ‘s terraces which get loads of visitors.
The whole place is enchanting, the nature is a real jungle, with swamps. A green snake slides underneath the dead leaves and goes in hiding in a ficus tree trunk, the temples ARE still inhabited !!!!
In the afternoon, Kao drives us to the west door. Again, very few people, a path goes aside a little lake it leads us to a woman who sells sugar cane juice, really nice and welcome with this stifling heat.
For the Deads door, on the east side, Kao must leave us , we will meet on the other side, his Tuk-Tuk cannot get through, the path is too tortuous and very bumpy.
This door is the most impressive. On top of it, the heads occupy the place of honor and it seems to me that they are watching us in the whole forest, even though there is nobody there !!
Following advice from a tourist, met at the guesthouse, we go on a path that should take us to the East door one kilometer further up. This path goes through a deep jungle, where cicadas and birds orchestrate, we are the only human beings here.
The East door is “return to civilization”, but nevertheless, the place is quiet, buffalos graze down below, in large swampy moats.
We meet again with Kao and we now visit Chan say Tevoda, the incredible Ta Phrom (i tell you more about it, in another post) and th Bantey Kdei.
In each temple, we are in great demand from the children who try to sell drinks and little souvenirs, these children have the most moving gaze i have ever seen so far, but i shall relate more on the people, later on.
When we see all the fabulous and wealthy architecture, i ask the readers to look on internet for more historical informations….
Each following photo is tagged with it’s name and place, so you can find it on the map, the easy way !!

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Angkor part II: Second day

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