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Angkor part I: the south gate and the Bayon Temple

Angkor part I: the south gate and the Bayon Temple

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With Muay, she is very keen to meet the Kmer of Angkor’s empire, in Cambodia, we left Mae Sot around 21h30 on a night bus. Arrival in Bangkok at 4h30, it was rather hard, but we were lucky enough to find a quick correlation between Bangkok and Cambodia’s border at Poipet. We had to check on for a visa and wait a long time to go through Thai immigration.
We were on Cambodia’s ground for the first time and we got on a bus, again, to get to Siem Reap, well …. this is “the short story” for this journey !
In the Thai bus, i had time to go on internet and book a guesthouse, owned by two French women. This was an excellent choice and i really recommend to all travelers the “Lovely Guesthouse”.
A warm welcome and loads of very precious informations are given by these two young women.
Off we go “in search” of Angkor, tired, but animated by our curiosity, we hire a tuk-tuk, it takes us to Bayon’s temple, in the royal city of Angkor Thom, just before sunset. The Bayon is a 12th century’s temple, with a very complex structure, and was, one after the other, a pantheon (temple for the gods) for local Buddhists and Hindus divinities, later totally dedicated to Hindus and back in the end, to Buddhism. From the south entrance, straight away, i have a strange and strong feeling of beeing overwhelmed, as if i were visiting a new world, with a powerful civilization. No doubt , the Kmer’s empire left a spiritual mark for eternity. The Bayon and it’s gigantic, enigmatic faces appear suddenly, and that is the end of our civilization : we now are extraterrestrial, temporary immigrants on our own planet, forever strangers in a moment where life shows the frivolity of our materialism world.
This feeling becomes stronger with the large number of tourists on the site, they do not care, they are noisy, move in all ways in this religious place that obviously deserves respect and admiration…………….

Thanks to Martine for the translation

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Angkor part I: the south gate and the Bayon Temple

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