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Amphawa floating week-end market

Amphawa floating week-end market

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The Amphawa floating market, only takes place at weekends, and is situated about 80 kms from Bangkok.

Buses leave everyday from Victory monument. One hour later, we are in this small village, where you will not meet one single foreigner/tourist, on the spot, 100% Thaï !!

Muay took me to this place in February, in the middle of the week. I invited Sita to go for a weekend, and as a matter of fact, this is totally different as regards activity. It’s really busy along the wooden quays under the arcades, Thaï people like to come here and spend their money.

Delicious “cuisine”, cooked on the boats or in small shops, old clothes, souvenirs of all kind, so, it is business with tourists for the Thaïs.

During these two days, i cannot recall to have seen a single Farang, they are all on the floating markets in Bangkok, just as well !!!!

In the evening, a poetical stroll about the woody channels, fire flies are by hundreds in the trees and it makes these banks look like Christmas, with soft illuminations.

Let’s go to the palm sugar factory. The work is rather physical and the heat is unbearable near the steaming hot cauldrons.

But … no one can resist buying this delicious sugar !!

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Amphawa floating week-end market

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