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July 2013: Bangkok, the Thewet district and the Wat Pho temple

July 2013: Bangkok, the Thewet district and the Wat Pho temple

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This is the first post of this “short” stay in Thailand (one month, only), my 5th visit in the “Land of smile”, since 2006, but …with my family, this time !

Bangkok has a tremendous lot of hotels and guesthouses, but of course, my own “dream” place in this turmoil, is Thewet.This quarter has loads of advantages, it is located near Chao Phraya river, and therefore allows us to move about, by boat very easily.
It’s no so invaded by tourists than Kao san road, a larger traditional and busy market within the place, with also a flower market along the little canal. On the opposite side, the usual guesthouses like Sri-Ayuttaya and Tavee (i did mention them before, in 2011) loose some of their genuine character because of an increasing number of visitors these last few years.
The Taewez guesthouse has really good standards, simple and clean, although the owners don’t show much feelings… but a pretty “cold” attitude.

Just opposite the hotels, Sri Ayutthaya has street  houses, street canteens and of course a Seven/Eleven chain store, that,  you will find all over Asia.

Amongst these shops, Yud’s little business welcomes you, with her usual kindness and sweet madness. It’s lovely to seat there, on a wooden stool, sipping one of those delicious fresh fruits juice, a black coffee, or a green tea, while watching this hectic life going on ….

The night is about to fall, on this very  first day, the jet lag is not just a feeling, we are worn out….but we cannot resist to a good meal waiting for us at the ” In Love” restaurant. It has a large wooden terrace on the Chao Phraya river. A nice way to meet again with my friend Sita,  and also : a terrific event : my “small” cousin who comes straight from Switzerland with her family !!

The next day we visit Wat Pho, with it’s huge laying down Buddha, usual visit for me, but with always the same feeling : it’s marvelous !

Nearby the temple, the amulets’market goes on several hundred meters, Thais are very superstitious  and believe in  their powers of protection against accidents, most amulets  are representative of a gold Buddha,  and are pendants.
For more pictures of What Pho, please read my posts : Bangkok’s temples  and    Bangkok 2011

Thanks to Martine for the translation.


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  1. gold Buddha…. huge laying down Buddha…. marvelous indeed….

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July 2013: Bangkok, the Thewet district and the Wat Pho temple

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