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A short trip to Laos…

A short trip to Laos…

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Next day, departure to Ventiane, 50Km away and Laos’ capital, THE shock: the city looks like a village. No more than 2 or 3 floors high and heavy traffic, lots of motorcycles and bicycles, just like in Vietnam.

Visiting some old temples, especially 2 old one’s, for the first time in my trip, it starts to rain and it won’t hardly stop for the next 3 days.

Then leaving for Vang Vieng, in the North, 3 hours by  bus, a rural region but very (maybe too much) infested by tourists, some mountains, temperatures keep falling, the bus’ air conditioning chills you to the bones, a first  in the tropical climate, especially during the warm months. Under 15°C, no appropriate clothes, I felt wet and cold like in Paris…

Meanwhile, we hear that 15cm of snow recovers North Vietnam, a premiere too! A consequence from the Japanese tsunami?

The place was crowded with tourists; we’ve found a small guesthouse, away from downtown: a peaceful place and a warm welcome. The last 2 days under a sun shining back, nice walks in the mud and through the country, with gently mountainous but pastel shades landscapes.

On the last day, Muay took part in the early monk’s alms: by the roadside, the residents give, each morning, the daily food to the monks, who start to sing  a religious thankful, and keep on walking. It is really beautiful to see at 7am, sunrise time.

Laotians look like people from Thailand, the language is quite the same, and Muay doesn’t have any trouble speaking with them. Muay find in the actual Laos, the Thailand from 30 years before: more spontaneity, less make up (Thai are covered with a triple-coat-make up, frequently rearranged), a healthy food and even prettier smiles.

This wet tour was very short, only 5 days!!

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A short trip to Laos…

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