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A brand new monk!

A brand new monk!

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Along with Pim, I ‘m lucky enough to stumble on a new monk inthroning, within a little temple of Uttaradit. A jubilant crowd from the village is dancing, having drinks, and singing, while a local band fills the scene with a fine punchy music.

Amazed by the vision of this “farang” taking pictures of the event, they promptly cover my head up with a straw hat to prevent me from instant dehydration and give a glass of rice alcohol (or is it?) to achieve a blissful dehydration. It’s all colors and smiles… The young and rather strong built monk is carried away on men’s back and start praying at the temple’s entrance in the shaman’s company. Later he will climb the temple’s stairs and will turn back and throw a thousand of coins under paper wrap over his shoulder. The crowd has to nab the most of them, considering the fact that they are forerunners of happiness and flourishing, and the straw hats are surely helpful for this purpose.

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A brand new monk!

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